Diving in Kefalonia

Diving, Snorkeling or just have a relaxing day in isolated, breathtaking beaches.
Blue Manta Diving & Aquanautic Club will take you to unforgettable experiences in the emerald, crystal waters of Kefalonia!

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Snapper's Alley

At the edge of Kakava reefs, before water becomes too deep, there is an area where Posidonia sea grass, rocks and sandy patches change places. This is where colorful wrasses, brown meagres and all kind of breams find shelter, whilst sea turtles…

Karavomilos Lake-Cave

As divers enter the idyllic fresh water lake they come across impressive kelp-like sea grass and scores of sea bass and grey mullets. Karavomilos is the estuary of the famous Melissani Lake and the doorstep to an amazing world. The cave sets…

Luftwaffe Junkers 88 Wreck

At the eastern, most tip of Ithaca, on the crest of a sloping reef that shortly reaches the contour line of 100 meters, lies the aircraft wreck of a Luftwaffe Ju88 twin-engine bomber. The aircraft met its fate as it ditched a short distance…

The Eye

In this colorful, shallow reef, divers can find a surprising variety of fish, as full of small holes and crevices home to cardinal fish, blennies and small crustaceans. All kinds of sea breams and mullets find also shelter there. An arch shaped…

Ai Giannis’ Wall

Off the cliff at Ithaca’s southeastern cape, a breathtaking wall rises from the depth of 80 meters. Experienced and daring divers can explore the holes and crevices to discover and photograph amazing colorful sponges and corals, tiny crustaceans…

Kakava Amphorae Yard

“Kakava” is an extended Ancient wreck site, once believed to be a legendary submerged village. There is an abundance of Amphorae, probably from Roman era wrecks with at least one from 2nd century BC. Around the reef more evidence of ancient…

Tilemachos’ Cave

Out of the “Posidonia oceanica” seagrass meadows a lone reef raises, death trap to ancient vessels passing through the area. At least 2 or 3 of them found their final resting place here, scattering their ballast stones, great numbers of…

Gonies Cove

An impressive reef concludes in a wall at the edge of the cove. Divers can find remains of an ancient, roman era wreck that stretches across the levels of the dive. Fragments of broken amphorae but also intact ones, lead stocks of wooden anchors…

HMS Perseus

Perhaps the top WW II wreck dive in Mediterranean, British Overseas Patrol submarine HMS/M Perseus, (N36) lies virtually intact on the sandy bottom, at 52 meters depth, about a mile off the south coast of Kefalonia. Perseus submarine is not…