Kakava Amphorae Yard


“Kakava” is an extended Ancient wreck site, once believed to be a legendary submerged village. There is an abundance of Amphorae, probably from Roman era wrecks with at least one from 2nd century BC. Around the reef more evidence of ancient to modern day small wrecks are present, while clouds of damselfish hovering against the current attract predators such as snappers, Mediterranean barracudas and amberjacks. Schools of parrotfish, brown meagres, groupers and octopuses occupy every recess and crevice on the reef. The dive site is situated between the two main nesting beaches for Loggerhead sea turtles, “Kaminia” and “Skala”, so chances to catch one looking for her next meal are great.

The average depth or the dive is 8 m, while the max is 12 m, for divers of all levels. The usual visibility is 25 m and temperature ranges between 22-27 C in summer months. Occasionally there might be weak currents.

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