Karavomilos Lake-Cave


As divers enter the idyllic fresh water lake they come across impressive kelp-like sea grass and scores of sea bass and grey mullets. Karavomilos is the estuary of the famous Melissani Lake and the doorstep to an amazing world. The cave sets breathtaking scenery of stalactites and stalagmites to the experienced divers. As soon as technical cave divers enter the second chamber, light gives room to a silent dark world.

The average depth or the dive is 9 m, while the max is 17 m, but due to the cavern-cave characteristics, Karavomilos is reserved for advanced divers, while further penetration is only for technical cave divers. The visibility is an amazing 40+ m. Temperature is 14 C, and there are no currents.


IMG_1744 IMG_1755 IMG_1768 IMG_1784

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