The wreck of “M/V Vettor Pisani” (+1942) off Lepeda beach in Kefalonia On 24 July 1942, the Italian motor  vessel “M/V Vettor Pisani” (built in 1939, tonnage 6,339, length 137.5m) departed from Taranto bound for Tobruk and sailing off Cape Gherogombo, the southwestern point of Kefalonia as part of a convoy, accompanied by torpedo boats […]

Kefalonia has an amazing coastline, marine life and u/w landscape for one to discover. We may provide Guided Snorkeling by boat at Blue Manta Diving & Aquanautic Club, as certified operators, but there are lots of sites easily accessible for everyone to visit. So here are some tips or what we call “Snorkeling Paths”; some […]

It is well known and obvious for anyone looking at a map, that Kefalonia had a pivotal location and role on the marine traffic in antiquity, from early Greek to late Roman and Byzantine times. However, this same location of Kefalonia at the exit of Gulf of Corinth and in proximity with Patras created the setting […]

An unnoticed episode in the story of HMS Perseus British submarine 25 December 1997, Christmas Day. Under dusk, a boat silhouette begins to appear on the screen with the shape, length and volume of the boat that the team was looking for four three weeks in the heart of winter. The search of the seabed […]

It is well known that Greek seas are full or ancient relics as for millennia daring sailors connected the civilizations around Mediterranean. Greeks established  sea commerce among their colonies from the coast of modern day Turkey and eastern Mediterranean and also Italy, Sicily and all the way to the far western end of Mediterranean to […]

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