Luftwaffe Junkers 88 Wreck

At the eastern, most tip of Ithaca, on the crest of a sloping reef that shortly reaches the contour line of 100 meters, lies the aircraft wreck of a Luftwaffe Ju88 twin-engine bomber. The aircraft met its fate as it ditched a short distance offshore reportedly hit by allied fire. It is shocking to imagine the force of the crash as the two engines can be found far apart at 22 and 28 meters and the tail sits at 36m further away. The fuselage and the wings have rolled deep down the slope, off limits to recreational divers. Apart from the remains of the plane, divers have the chance to explore the magnificent reef where dolphins or large predators such as amberjacks, tunas and snappers often feed on the clouds of sardines and damselfish, while on the sides of the reef groupers ambush prey. Quite often divers can catch the currents into a drift dive.

The average depth or the dive is 20 m, while the max is 37, reserving the site for experienced divers. The visibility is usually greater than 20m while temperature ranges between 18-26 C in summer months, depending on depth. Occasionally there may be strong currents close to the surface.  Boat ride duration 35′.

IMG_0813 IMG_0818 IMG_0994 Lardigos 4-7-11 DSC02975+

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