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A most impressive and vivid wall hides a surprise for divers. A wide opening from 15 to 25 m leads to an enormous underwater cave. Every surface is covered with colorful marine life such as sponges, soft and false corals, coralline algae and is inhabited by all kinds of crustaceans and bright colored fish. A smaller tunnel leads to a second dark chamber, a sanctuary for red narval shrimp and leopard gobies and a heaven for macro u/w photographers alike. But the most impressive venue is at the main chamber of the cave where the collapsed roof creates a saltwater lake at the bottom of a wide well curved in the rock, where sunlight on the surface turns water into liquid emerald..
The average depth of the dive is 18 m, while the max is 34 m, appropriate for advanced level divers. The visibility is usually greater than 25 m and temperature ranges between 19-26 °C in summer months, depending on depth. Occasionally a mild current may be encountered at the tip of the wall. Boat ride duration 30′.