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Some 2000 years ago, the journey of a Roman ship seeking shelter in picturesque Antisamos Bay ended tragically with a crash at the sharp rocks at the north of the bay. Since then, all kinds of gobies, scorpionfish, moray eels, parrot fish, octopus, nudibranch and many more marine species have claimed the cargo’s hundreds of amphorae as a habitant. Where the boat crushed, the rubble of the amphora form blocks starting at a depth of few meters with individual pieces scattered down to the slope to the depth of around 35 meters where also the massive anchor of the boat can be seen. Behind the schools of two-banded seabreams, large dusky groupers observe the divers and red snappers are common visitors from the deeper zone.

The average depth of the dive is 15 m, while the max is 35 m, appropriate for advanced level divers. The visibility is usually greater than 20 m and temperature ranges between 18-25 °C in summer months, depending on depth. Occasionally a weak current may be encountered at the surface. Boat ride duration 30′.