Tilemachos’ Cave

Out of the Neptune’s seagrass meadows (“Posidonia oceanica”) a lone reef rises, a death trap to ancient vessels passing through the area. At least 2 of those wooden merchant ships once roaming the Mediterranean, have found their final resting place here, scattering their ballast stones, lead and bronze parts of their hull and rigging and scores of amphorae – their primary cargo, proving the area a puzzle to seamen through the ages.

On the underside of a long shallow rocky ridge, a small yet impressive underwater cave awaits to be explored. The dark chamber in the rock features two side-openings and one on the top acting as a skylight shedding ample light into the interior, rewarding the daring diver with spectacular views. Also a variety of fish and quite often

Dive starts on a sand patch at 7 m where wood parts of a sank fishing boat can be found and continues to the rocky ridge, with seagrass meadows on both sides, with schools of damselfish hover against the current attracting predators such as snappers and amberjacks. Soon the first and oldest wreck remains of many types and sizes of amphorae can be found, all the way to the entrance of the small cave.

Continuing along the rocky ridge at same depths, schools of parrotfish and cow breams are everywhere and a bit further down a massive stock of a stone anchor can be found, being the turning point towards the amphorae and metal relics of the second ancient wreck. A short cross over sandy and seagrass patches gives the chance to see all kinds of wrasses and perhaps Loggerhead sea turtles that are frequent visitors to the site and leads to a second rocky ridge where at its side the deepest part of the dive and usually schools of saddled breams along with groupers and morays can be found. Route along this ridge also leads back to the boat.

The average depth or the dive is 7 m, while the max is 12 m, appropriate for divers of all levels.

The usual visibility is 25 m and temperature ranges between 22-27 °C in summer months. Occasionally a weak surface current may be encountered. Boat ride duration 5′.

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