Dias Rock


Dias is a rocky islet once home to a monastery and in earlier times a temple dedicated to Greek God of Gods, Zeus. This is the dominant landmark of an area of swallow reefs and some of the richest fishing fields around Kefalonia.

It takes more than one dive around the rock to explore the cavelets and passages that hold numerous species of fish, crustaceans and cephalopods, while Loggerhead turtles are common visitors. Among the stars are slipper lobsters and triton’s trumpets. Along the route pottery and ceramics from the ancient and the Christian temples can be spotted.

The average depth of the dive is 12 m, while the max is 22 m, appropriate for divers of all levels.

The usual visibility is 25 m and temperature ranges between 23-25 °C in summer months. Occasionally a weak surface current may be encountered. Boat ride duration 35′.


Karavomilos Lake-Cave


As divers enter the idyllic fresh water lake they come across impressive kelp-like sea grass and schools of sea bass and grey mullets. Karavomilos is the estuary of the famous Melissani Lake and the doorstep to an amazing world. The cave sets breathtaking scenery of stalactites and stalagmites to the experienced divers. As soon as technical cave divers enter the second chamber, light gives room to a silent dark world.

The average depth of the dive is 9 m, while the max is 17 m, however due to the cavern-cave characteristics, Karavomilos is reserved for advanced divers and further penetration is permitted by technical cave divers only. The visibility reaches an amazing 40+ m and temperature is constantly 14 °C. No currents are present. Car ride duration 45′.

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The Eye


Around this shallow colorful reef, divers can spend time observing a surprising variety of fish, since the holes and crevices on the rock are home to parrotfish, cardinal fish, blennies, sea bream, mullets, small crustaceans and many more species that find shelter there. An arch-shaped swim-through along the coast can be crossed by divers giving the opportunity to get impressive views of aquatic life against the blue background, just like looking through a porthole on the seafloor!

The average depth or the dive is 8 m, while the max is 12 m, appropriate for divers of all levels.

The usual visibility is 20 m and temperature ranges between 22-27 °C in summer months. No surface currents are present. Boat ride duration 3′.

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