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Giant Rudder Wreck

At the eastern edge of Kakava Shoals and within an extended meadow of  Neptune’s seagrass (Posidonia oceanica) a  surprise awaits for divers to discover; the remains of an unidentified shipwreck. Huge riveted steel plates indicate that the vessel was built prior to WWII, when welding for shipbuilding wasn’t the settled method. Among shaft and winch parts the […]

Apogon Castle

A blend of rocky walls and rock slides that end down at the sandy seabed create the perfect habitat for the vast majority of Mediterranean species along with the newly arrived invasive yet impressive lion fish. In every hole of the rocks, all kinds of breams blend with gold blotch and white groupers, while nudibranch, slipper […]

The Undercut

In between the iconic little caverns of Kako Lagadi beach and the mushroom shaped rocks of Limenia bay there is a last elevated cove. The underwater scenery is as impressive, with big cuts bellow the rock and crevices full of pseudo corals, tube worms and all species of Mediterranean sponges. Schools of small fish feed […]

Antisamos Roman Wreck

Some 2000 years ago, the journey of a Roman ship seeking shelter in picturesque Antisamos Bay ended tragically with a crash at the sharp rocks at the north of the bay. Since then, all kinds of gobies, scorpionfish, moray eels, parrot fish, octopus, nudibranch and many more marine species have claimed the cargo’s hundreds of […]

Mazi Wall

Located at Ithaca’s southwestern coast, there is the protected inlet of Mazi, that since ancient times gives shelter to sailors from the prevailing NW wind. An evidence for this is the scuttered ancient amphora in the inlet. The vivid coastal reef is full of all kinds of small fishvivid coastal reef is full of all […]

Ai Giannis’ Wall

  Off the cliff at Ithaca’s southeastern cape, a breathtaking wall rises from the depth of 80 meters. Experienced and daring divers can explore the holes and crevices to discover and photograph amazing colorful sponges and corals, tiny crustaceans and nudibranchs, rare grouper species, moray eels and lobsters. Often amberjacks and red snappers appear from […]

Luftwaffe Junkers 88 Wreck

At the eastern, most tip of Ithaca, on the crest of a sloping reef that shortly reaches the contour line of 100 meters, lies the aircraft wreck of a Luftwaffe Ju88 twin-engine bomber. The aircraft met its fate as it ditched a short distance offshore reportedly hit by allied fire. It is shocking to imagine […]

Dias Rock

  Dias is a rocky islet once home to a monastery and in earlier times a temple dedicated to Greek God of Gods, Zeus. This is the dominant landmark of an area of swallow reefs and some of the richest fishing fields around Kefalonia. It takes more than one dive around the rock to explore […]

Karavomilos Lake-Cave

  As divers enter the idyllic fresh water lake they come across impressive kelp-like sea grass and schools of sea bass and grey mullets. Karavomilos is the estuary of the famous Melissani Lake and the doorstep to an amazing world. The cave sets breathtaking scenery of stalactites and stalagmites to the experienced divers. As soon […]

The Eye

  Around this shallow colorful reef, divers can spend time observing a surprising variety of fish, since the holes and crevices on the rock are home to parrotfish, cardinal fish, blennies, sea bream, mullets, small crustaceans and many more species that find shelter there. An arch-shaped swim-through along the coast can be crossed by divers […]